Turmeric Ice cream

Turmeric Ice cream
Turmeric Ice cream

Recipe Info:

How many of us still prefer having Haldi milk at night? Sometimes I do and now a days with Covid so high I prefer having it everyday. Haldi or in english we call turmeric is the best spice. It's got healing power and that's why it is called the 'Queen of spices.' Turmeric is very essential ingredient especially in Indian kitchen if you are cooking something. So I thought of using it in a different way by making ice cream of turmeric flavor. Kids would love this flavored ice cream. So let's roll up our sleeve and start making this recipe.


Preparation time: 4-5 hours



400ml. Heavy Cream;

1/2 cup or as per taste Powdered Sugar;

4 tbsp. Condensed Milk;

2 tbsp. Turmeric;

1/2 tsp. Ground black pepper;

Rose petals, pistachios and almonds or decoration or garnishing.


How to prepare?

  1. Firstly, refrigerate the cream overnight. Pour the cream in the bowl and whisk it well. Keep whisking till it forms a soft peak.

  2. Add sugar, condensed milk, turmeric powder and black pepper.Whisk it well it it forms a stiff peaks.

  3. Transfer the mixture in air tight container and refrigerate it overnight.

  4. Remove for couple of minutes in advance before you serve it.

  5. Garnish it with rose petals, pistachios and almonds.

  6. Garnish it with rose petals.


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