Sugar Free Dry Fruits Ladoo

With the arrival of festive season we're all busy dusting and making our homes shine like the stars. I'm sure the ladies of the house are planning to make sweets. I love the traditional sweets that are cooked in every household in India.

Okay, I made it easy for you to work on the sweet recipes you would love to make in these festive season. The name of the Mithai I have for you today is what I would like to call them royal healthy Ladoo. Royal because they are made from all kinds of nuts, almonds, pistachios, dates, figs and much more. And yes, NO SUGAR! You heard right that using the natural sweetness of dates and figs adds to the overall goodness of Ladoo.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4


500 gms Dates;

1 tbsp. clarified butter;

4-5 finely chopped figs;

200 gm finely chopped dry fruits mix.

How to prepare?

  • Place a pan on a low flame and add butter.

  • Add mixed dry fruits in pan and stir it continuously on a low flame for about 2-3 minutes.

  • Then, transfer the dry fruits in a plate and set it aside.

  • In the same pan, add ghee, chopped figs and dates. Mix them well for a minute.

  • Now add roasted dry fruits mix. Mix it for about 2 minutes.

  • The mixture is ready. Turn off the flame.

  • Empty the pan in plate. Make sure you grease it with ghee before.

  • Let the mixture get warm so you can easily make ladoos from it.

  • With the help of small spoon add mixture in you palms and roll it in smooth balls. Do the same for rest of the mixture.

  • The healthy royal ladoo is ready to be consumed.


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