Ratnagiri – The jewel of Konkan Coastline

Situated alongside the Arabian Sea coast, Ratnagiri is a port city located in the District of Ratnagiri. This city is found in southern Maharashtra and is home to variety of beaches of the Konkan Coastline. Ratnagiri is an ancient city and there are tons of places which can be discovered. We have listed down few places which you should definitely visit in Ratnagiri.

This city is rich in history since it was ruled by the famous Maratha Ruler Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj. Later British took over the town. This city has an influence of both Western and Eastern architecture.

Best Time to Visit:

Located on the coast of Arabian Sea summers in Ratnagiri are really hot and humid. The best time to go to this place is during the winter, that is, from November to February. The temperature here during this period is extremely pleasant and is ideal for sightseeing. If you would like to experience the flora and fauna of this place, then monsoon season is the best option to visit. The monsoon season begins in June and continues till September.

I haven’t been to much of places but I would list 6 of my favorite places I would recommend while visiting Ratnagiri.

Bhatye Beach

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Bhatye beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located Bhatye area of the Ratnagiri district. This beach is at a distance of 3 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Stand. This beach falls under the Kokan coast of Maharashtra and is one among the main places to go to in Ratnagiri. This beach is known to be one the most the reputed beaches of the Konkan coastline. The length of this beach is 1.5 km and in contrast to other beaches, this one features a straight and flat coastline. The beach is legendary for its panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges within the background. The unique feature of this beach is that the creek which separates the Mandvi beach from the Bhatye Beach. If you are a nature lover, then you would surely love this place. During the sunset, you get to experience a spectacular view of the blue water, silver sands, and casuarina trees along the beach.

From this beach, you will get the view of Mandavi Beach and Ratnagiri Lighthouse. Apart from the scenic view, there's a temple of Zari Vinayak located at the top of it. This beach is a popular picnic spot for families and tourists. There's also an agricultural research facility which researches on coconut near the Bhatye Beach. You can enjoy activities like horse and camel riding once you visit this place. Get to taste delicious seafood, chats and coconut milk along the beach.

Mandavi Beach

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Mandavi Beach is next to the Bhatye beach and is merely 2 km from the Ratnagiri Bus Stand. This beach is found along the Konkan coastline located in the heart of the Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra. This beach is one among the foremost happening and crowded places in Ratnagiri. The famous Rajiwanda Port is found at the top of this Beach. Mandavi Beach is not only gorgeous but also a smooth beach where one can come and calm down. The Arabian Sea is on the south of the beach and on the west of the beach is that the Ratnadurg Fort. The unique feature of this beach is that it has black sand. This beach features a bastion at the entranceway and hence it's called the gateway to Ratnagiri.

The Gateway of Ratnagiri is moreover equipped with a Jetty popularly known as Ratnagiri jetty. The Bastion is prepared with a sloped roof with amazing structure built by Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar and is one among the beautiful places in Ratnagiri. The design of this gateway is gorgeous and one can enjoy a stroll during the dusk and relish in the cool breeze of the ocean.

Marine Aquarium & Museum

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Located on the Ratnagiri – Bhagwati Mandir Road, the Marine Aquarium & Museum is one among the main attractions of Ratnagiri Town. This museum is found next to Mandavi Beach. In 1985, this beautiful aquarium was created by the Marine scientific research Station of Ratnagiri. This museum cum aquarium shelters a number of the rare species of marine animals. These specimens are Lionfish, Sea turtles, Triggerfish, Lobsters, Sea horse fish, Sea cucumbers, sea snakes, Eels, Starfish, and lots of more. The museum also hosts a huge structure of wall skeleton which qualify to 55 feet long and 5000 kg in weight. This massive structure awes everyone whoever visits this museum.

Since people love coming to the present museum and it's become one among the foremost demanded tourist places in Ratnagiri, the museum has recently added a new section on the basis of freshwater aquariums. This section has many seafood and plants. Few freshwater specimens which are displayed during this section are crabs, shrimps, aquatic plants, barbs, turtles, Cichlids, prawns, etc.

Entry Fee: Rs.5 for Adults & Rs. 3 for Child.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM.

Thiba Palace/Thibaw Palace

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Thiba Palace is one among the main tourist attractions in Ratnagiri. This is often a historical building which is situated 2 Km from the Ratnagiri Bus Stand on a small hill. This building has a stimulating history attached. King Thibaw of Myanmar (Burma) was sent to exile in Ratnagiri by British in the early 1900s. For this, British built this house in 1910, where the King was kept under imprisonment. This palace was used by the King until his death from 1910 to 1916.

This historic building has 3 stories and features a sloping roof. The palace has windows which are semi-circular in shape and has carvings. These windows are the first reason why tourists come to go to this place. On the primary floor of the palace, there's a dancing hall with marble flooring. Backside of this palace, has a statue of Lord Buddha which was bought by King Thibaw himself. The palace is renovated on a daily basis and is maintained by ASI. The palace also features a museum which displays all the artifacts and items used by king Thibaw. Near the palace there is a viewpoint called the Thiba Point. From this viewpoint, you would be able to see the gorgeous Bhatye Bridge, Someshwar creek and Arabian Sea. If you visit this viewpoint during the sunset, then you will sure to witness complete bliss and serenity.

Timings: The palace is opened to tourists from 9 am to 6 PM

Ratnadurg Fort:

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The Ratnadurg Fort is located on the coastline of Arabian Sea. This fort is 4 km from the Ratnagiri bus stand and one among the main tourist attractions during this place. This fort is additionally one among the famous forts in Maharashtra. Built the 16th century, this fort was one among the monuments built by Bahamani Sultans. In 1670 AD, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Adilshah captured the fort. It was controlled by Kanhoji Angre and was later presented to the Peshwas. In 1818 AD, British seized this fort from the Peshwas.

The Fort is uniquely built with several bastions and tunnels. There's a tunnel which connects the lower and upper parts of the fort. There are many bastions which referred to as Khamakya Rede, Markya, Ganesh, Vagha, Baskya and Vetal. The fort symbolizes strength because it was built in such a way that it can withstand the force of the waves of the Arabian Sea. Till today the walls are still intact, thereby, showing how strong the planning of the fort is. The fort is additionally called Bhagawati Fort due to the presence of a Bhagawati Goddess’s idol inside it. Every year devotees celebrate the festival of Navaratri at the temple. This fort is additionally home to temples of Ganesh and Hanuman.

Ganeshgule Beach & Temple

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Ganeshgule Beach is situated within the Ganeshgule village. This village is 21 km from Ratnagiri. This beach is one among the most visited places in Ratnagiri. The Ganeshgule Beach as well is considered as the most serene beaches in Maharashtra. This beach is 1.5 km long and is well known for its amazing sunset views. This beach is surrounded by mountains, white sand and rocky terrain making it an ideal place to unwind yourself. You can swim in this beach and even get some tan by sun bathing. There also are many water sport activities like diving, snorkelling which you should definitely try . Visitors also can enjoy a boat ride while visiting this beautiful beach.


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