Part 2: My trip to Goa – The conclusion

Day 4:

Waking up in the morning was never so fun. We got up at around 6am in the morning. Thought of taking a walk in a perfect weather. With just one day to go before we head back to our work, we decided to spend and enjoy every second of this vacation. Sipping hot tea with bread omlette and Poha, we were in talks as to which beaches to visit as we also wanted to enjoy night life. So it was decided that we would again split the day. From morning till evening around 6pm, we would enjoy at the beaches of Goa and later we would visit local pub and call it a day. There are total 8 beaches in North Goa.

The first beach which we decided to visit was Calangute beach.

Calangute beach:

Known as the “Queen of Beaches” in Goa, Calangute Beach caters to all sorts of travelers, from nature lovers to adventure junkies to party freaks. Acting as a haven for nature lovers, this beach is the biggest and therefore the most popular beach in North Goa, boasting of dazzling charm and beauty. What's more, it reflects the distinctiveness of the culture Goa generally has, additionally offering beautiful and scenic views of the surrounding landscapes, which act as the perfect getaway destination for anyone who wishes to search breathing space from the hustle and bustle of the busy city limits.

Calangute beach in Goa features a lot to provide to the tourists visiting here. The colorful markets here sell everything, from beer and food, to junk jewellery, clothes, trinkets and pawn items. Moreover, the beach is lined with dense palm and coconut trees with the grand Arabian Sea. Moreover, provides you with a one-of-a-kind beach experience, one that's calm and peaceful, and can't be found anywhere else in Goa.

How to Reach Calangute Beach from Panaji: Calangute Beach is located at around 11 kilometers from Panaji. The simplest way to reach the beach from Panaji is via private and public bus services. There are regular buses which run from Panaji to the Calangute Beach. However, if you've got a personal car or vehicle, it'd take you around 30 to 40 minutes including the traffic to reach Calangute.

How to Reach Calangute Beach from Goa International Airport: The beach is located around 40.3 kilometers from the Goa International Airport. The most cost effective ways to reach Calangute Beach is via buses, wherein you'll reach within an hour and half-hour. Alternatively, the fastest and therefore the most convenient thanks to reach Calangute from Goa International Airport is by taking a taxi, which can take around 40 minutes.

Next stop – Baga Beach!

Baga beach:

Baga, one of the most famous beach destination in North Goa that draws thousands of tourists and watersports lovers to its heart. The beach shares its coastal line from the vicinities of Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga, with the Baga shore being more lively and appealing. This bubbly beach is one among the simplest in Goa that stays awake the entire night. Called as "The Hometown of Nightlife," Baga beach is reputed for its cranky music celebrations by late-night, mouth-watering food, designer shops, and adventure sports.

Baga town is surrounded by the Baga river, and spotting the place where the river and the “sea meet, is beautiful view to draw your eyes. Dolphins also can spotted deeper within the blue ocean and there are some spotting trips organized by local ship owners to identify the ocean mammal.

How to reach Baga Beach from Panjim: Baga distances 15 Km from Panjim airport, and it takes half an hour to visit the beach from Panjim by taxi. The source and the destination are well connected by tons of local and government buses. You can also hire cycles and motorbikes at a less expensive rate to ride between the locations. When bus travel is preferred, go Panjim first and from there get another bus to the beach which takes two hours.

How to reach Baga Beach from Goa International Airport: Dabolim, Goa International Airport is the the closest within a span of only 15 km from Baga beach. One can choose a taxi ride which will take 90 minutes to the beach or continue train travel. The closest railway station to Baga is 11 km from the coast and is well connected to Goa with regular services.

With our stomach growling we decided to take a lunch at Brittos. Lovely lunch and great location. I will write more on this in Eat section of my blog. So, keep checking that space. Once we are done with lunch, we decided to visit Anjuna beach.

Anjuna beach:

India’s West Coast paradise, Goa, is home to some glorious beaches of India. One among them is Anjuna Beach. From a quiet family vacation to an adventure-filled weekend together with your squad, the beach caters to people with different travel tastes and budgets. Well-known for its Goan influences, trendy nightclubs, beachside hotels and resorts, Anjuna beach is one of the most glamorous paradise within Goa.

Stretched over the golden coastline, the southern and northern end of Anjuna beach offers a surplus of activities. While the southern end consists of a rocky headland, the northern end host water sports like bungee jumping, bumpy banana ride, and far more. Anjuna beach is Goa’s local “multidimensional entertainment hub”.

Anjuna beach provides you with a number of the stunning scenery and photographic view during sunrise and sunset. The mixture of the white sand and therefore the sparkling blue sea create an unbeatable view. Also, you would possibly not want to miss the principal attraction of the beach, the marketplace. It mesmerizes a massive number of tourists to crowd this place every Wednesday. You will get a superb deal if you are an expert in bargaining.

How to reach Anjuna Beach from Panaji: You can reach Anjuna Beach by taking a local bus from Panjim KTC Bus Stand to Mapusa. Take a bus from Panaji to Mapusa, then another bus from Mapusa to Anjuna. Since the distance between Anjuna Beach and Panaji is nearly 18 km, it’ll take 40-45 minutes during travelling.

How to reach Anjuna Beach from Goa International Airport: You can either take a prepaid taxi from the airport or a local bus. If you would like to travel by bus then walk to the bus stand and take a bus till Panaji. Again, the same route follows, another bus from Mapusa to Anjuna beach. The ride is convenient and affordable.

We then headed to beautiful Morjim beach.

Morjim Beach:

Morjim Beach in Goa is one among the best beaches to go to within the course of your holiday. The attractive beauty of changing colors of the sky and setting sun defines this place. The Morjim beach is acknowledged as one of the perfect beaches in Goa for its relaxing environment.

Tourists visiting Goa choose this beach to unwind themselves and treat their taste buds as a wonderful opportunity to eat out in the sandy outdoors. With plenty of restaurants and cottages providing authentic Goan cuisine, this beach is perfect for a relaxing and stress free holiday.

Morjim beach is additionally referred to as 'Little Russia' due to enormous settlement of Russian people. These people come from Russia to stay in the pristine environment of Goa for few months before heading back to their homeland.

Morjim beach is additionally famous for another reason. It's widely referred to as the breeding place of Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles. You can spend time with a number of these remarkable creatures of nature perfect for a photographers to click lovely pictures.

How to Reach Morjim Beach from Panaji:

The distance between Morjim Beach and Panji is approximately 27 Km. You can travel by all means of transport. To reach Morjim Beach by train, catch local trains from Vasco Da Gama or Madgaon railway station. You can also reach Morjim through local bus service or a paid rental taxi.

How to Reach Morjim Beach from Goa International Airport?

The distance between Morjim Beach and Goa International Airport is approximately 52 Km. You can travel by local bus or paid taxi. However, the best way to travel from the airport to the beach is by hiring a paid taxi which is not only cost effective but also time-saving.

With half of the beaches done, we headed back to our hostel and reached at 6:30pm. We decided to refresh ourselves take a power nap and head back to the world of nightlife. After all the discussion we decided to visit LPK Water front.

LPK (Love, Passion, Karma) Waterfront

LPK is a waterfront nightclub. Located in an exotic location, right next to the Nerul river, it's hard to miss because it features a big neon sign 'Love, Passion, Karma' over the water. Here, you can party to some amazing music or latest commercial hits on its dance floor or take a quiet walk along the waterfront. The place offers some remarkable cocktails and shooters. Like every other club, entry is thru paying a cover charge but the entry for ladies is free.

We enjoyed till 2am in the morning and headed back to our hostel for a good sleep.

Day 5: The final day before we head back to our life!

With days passed by reached the final day of our trip to this beautiful destination called Goa. We were told by Woke manager that there will be a camp fire arranged at the hostel. We were very much excited. After a healthy breakfast of parathas and corn flakes with lovely ginger tea, we headed to Arambol beach.

Arambol beach:

The newest beach developed in Goa, Arambol Beach is a part of a fisherman’s village, and attracts variety of tourists across the year. Arambol Beach is considered to be the foremost beautiful beaches in Goa, and borders the Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach on two sides.

The Bohemian vibe of the beach attracts foreigners of all nationalities. Its surplus beach shacks, outdoors events, live music gigs and vibrant nightlife make it the best place to visit people across all fields and interests. The beach is often used as a venue for barbeque events or sunset parties. Arambol Beach also hosts two of the foremost significant cultural events held in Goa- the Tribal Dance Festival and therefore the Indian Juggling Convention.

One can enjoy variety of watersports at Arambol Beach, simply taking a stroll along the water. Scooters and motorcycles can also be hired for personal use against a charge.

The streets of Arambol are lined with variety of eateries and street side vendors selling variety of merchandises. The beach also features a drum circles, where musicians travelling along the beach often come to make music.

Arambol Beach is additionally well connected to variety of attractions and popular tourist destinations. A really short walk off from here is that the Paliem sweet water lake. This beach is also connected to other beaches, just like the Keri Beach and therefore the Mandrem Beach.

How to Reach Arambol Beach from Panaji: The besy way to reach Arambol Beach from Panaji is to hire a cab or taxi. One can also plan to take a bus to Arambol. There are direct buses from Panaji to Arambol scheduled at approximately every 30 minutes. There also are private mini buses connecting the 2 destinations. The Arambol stop is on the main road. To reach the beach, one must take a local transport or walk a brief distance of about 1km.

How to Reach Arambol Beach from Goa International Airport: The cheapest, however hectic, way to reach Arambol Beach from Goa International Airport is to change number of buses. One must first take a bus from the Airport to Panjim, then to Mapusa, and eventually from there to Arambol stop. Once at the stop, one must take local transport or walk to the beach, which is merely a brief distance into the Arambol village. Alternatively, one can take a taxi or a cab to the place, which might be hassle free but slightly expensive, costing quite Rs. 1500.

After enjoying watersports in Arambol, we headed Sinquerim.

Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach boasts of a tremendous shoreline with and extent of sand. The beach is found north of the preferred beaches of Goa including Calangute, Baga, and Candolim. The waters of Sinquerim are perfect for a refreshing swim together with your family or friends and you must not miss the breathtaking water sports when vacationing here. .

Sinquerim is popular among tourists flocking to the visit beach from everywhere the planet. The beach is the closest to a number of the best nightclubs in Goa. One among the key attractions of Sinquerim Beach is the popular Sunburn Festival held annually in December. Another key attraction is the Aguada Fort, just next to the beach. Sinquerim is home to several restaurants and shacks that serve fresh seafood and cocktails to pamper your taste buds.

You can also find multiple tourist hotels and resorts on the beach offering high-class boarding facilities to travelers flocking to Goa from everywhere around the world.

How to Reach Sinquerim Beach from Panaji: Apart from Bus services, private cars, autos, and cabs, are available from Panaji. The place is approximately 13 km off Sinquerim Beach. Therefore, if you travel at a speed of 50 km/hour, you will reach this attractive beach in approx. 32 minutes if you are taking the Betim–Verem–Saligao Road. It'll take around 36 minutes if you are taking the NH 66 or the Pilerne - Candolim Road.

How to Reach Sinquerim Beach from Goa International Airport: You can easily reach Sinquerim Beach from Goa International Airport, Dabolim. Take a cab or car, which is the fastest choice to reach Sinquerim. You'll reach in about an hour's time if you're taking the NH 66. The distance from the airport to Sinquerim is 39.8 km.

We decided to take a break at The Mermaid. You will love its stylish ambience, presentation, and attractive food at pocket-friendly prices. Savor your taste buds with walnut salad starter, fig, delicious starters, fillet steak, bread and butter pudding, and wine.

With a little bit of hot summer taking a toll, we decided to skip Candolim and enjoy the sunset at Vagator which is our final destination to conclude this day and tour of Goa.

Vagator beach:

Vagator beach is one the primary scenic beaches in Goa that's situated immediately to north of the Anjuna beach overlooked by steep laterite hills.

The crescent shaped beach has become a favorite spot among tourists for midnight parties. The beach is well known for its 500 year Old Portuguese fort of Chapora is situated nearby.

In fact there are two beaches in Vagator referred to as Big Vagator and Little Vagator. Big Vagator lined with dense palm plantations and white sand beach that's undeniably beautiful. It’s a prime stop for domestic tourists, a lie on the sand or a peaceful swim is out of the question here.

Small (or Little) Vagator to the south is quieter. Also referred to as Ozran beach one has got to walk from Big Vagator to reach here. Towards the end of Little Vagator there is a prominent landmark of the face of Shiva sculpted by someone on a rock on the shore. However it's been eroded by wave action.

How to reach Vagator from Panjim:

Panjim is located 16 km south of Vagator Beach. If you're travelling from Panjim to Vagator Beach, then you've got to travel approximately 21 km by road. One can reach Vagator Beach in 20 minutes to half-hour from Panjim. There also are several buses and taxis for hire which will bring you to Vagator Beach. If you've hired a two-wheeler, then too, you'll travel with ease.

How to reach from airport:

The Goa International Airport is located 26 km to the south of Vagator Beach. From the airport to Vagator Beach, the time taken to reach destination is slightly over an hour to 90 minutes calculating on the mode of transportation you select.

So with the view of beautiful sunset and sipping hot tea, we headed back to our hostel. The camp fire started around 9pm which ended at 1am in the morning. With this we concluded out trip to Goa. The next morning with heavy heart we bid adieu to Woke hostel staff who served us very well and Goa, thus promising to be back once again but this time with energy and more friends. And yes, “What happens in Goa remains in Goa!”

Hope you enjoyed it!

Check out my Gallery of memories from Goa - Final Day!

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