Oreo Ice Cream recipe

A simple and easy recipe for refreshing ice cream made with only 3 ingredients: biscuits, cream and condensed milk. Technically, there is no added sugar, but condensed milk contains sugar, and the sugar in this recipe is enough. Essentially, it is a sequel to flavoured Vanilla Ice Cream with crushed Oreos used to make crispy biscuit-flavoured ice cream.

Simple drinks and vanilla ice cream are good choices, but we always strive to do our best. To make it better, I posted this Oreo ice cream recipe with thick full cream, condensed milk with toppings of Oreo biscuits.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 8 hours

Serves: 1 box


600ml whipped cream/ heavy cream;

1 tsp. Vanilla extract;

395 grams. Milkmaid / Condensed Milk;

133 grams. Oreos.

How to prepare?

  • In a large bowl add heavy cream and vanilla extract.

  • Whip the cream in medium to low speed. If you are from hot climate region, make sure the bowl is super chilled.

  • Whip till the cream starts to get a ribbon like peak.

  • Add condensed milk and mix it well.

  • Now crush Oreos in a coarse powder.

  • Transfer it in whipped cream and mix it gently.

  • Mix till everything is combined well.

  • Then, transfer the mixture in a cake tin or box.

  • Decorate it with broken Oreos pieces.

  • Cover it with cling wrap and let it freeze for about 8 hours.

  • That's set, scoop it and enjoy. You can also add scoop in smoothies or milk shakes.


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