Lemon Mojito with Basil

Lemon Mojito with Basil
Lemon Mojito with Basil

Recipe Info:

A refreshing summer beverage with peppery taste of basil and tangy taste of lemon. You can replace basil with mint leaves or holy basil (tulsi) and serve as a refresher drink in party.


Preparation time: 15 minutes


How to prepare:

18-20 basil leaves (you can replace this with mint leaves as well);

2 lemon slices thin round;

2 tbsp. Lemon juice;

Pinch of salt;

500ml Soda or sparkling water;

Sugar as per taste;

6-7 Ice cubes.


How to prepare?

  • In a mortar pestle add basil leaves, lemon slices, sugar and a pinch of Salt. Add sugar as per taste depending on how much tangy you want the drink to be. To make it diabetic friendly add stevia. You can also make use of honey instead of sugar.

  • Muddle all the ingredients with the help of pestle.

  • Spoon the muddled ingredients in 2 glass.

  • Add ice cubes. Pour soda or sparkling water. Stir well.

  • Serve it.


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