Journey to Vagamon Kerala

Vagamon is a hill station on the border of Kottayam Idukki in Kerala. It has a cool climate with a temperature between 10-23 ° C during a summer afternoon and is 1,100 meters above sea level.

Vagamon is a small plantation township in the center of Travancore. This place has is a green hue, with an endless series of lush green hills, impressive gorges and meandering streams, a perfect tourist spot at 1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by tea gardens, fresh air, rustling pine forest, small waterfalls, lusting meadows a perfect for a stress free vacation. The journey to Vagamon itself is an extraordinary experience. The winding road to Vagamon cuts into solid rock lined with pine forests, hills covered in green undulating plains appear thousands of feet below you.

This touristic place also has Thangal Para, the IndoSwiss Project and the Kurisumala Ashram to offer. Welcome to a destination that will keep you coming back so that you can relax and keep the memories of this enchanting and beautiful land. Take a stroll along the narrow, mist-covered switchbacks that meander through the hills and experience true bliss. For adventure lovers trekking, paragliding or climbing is always an option for this place.

The hill station has a chain of 3 beautiful hills called Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurismala which give this beautiful hill station a nice feel. Visit Vagamon Hill Station to experience eternal happiness and tranquility. A unique and different atmosphere compared to other hill stations in Kerala. In addition, the natural beauty of the place also offers space for spiritual activities. The serene setting with the cool, gentle breeze blowing through the valley makes it a perfect place to meditate.


If you haven't been to Vagamon, you haven't seen God's own country. Vagamon offers unlimited vacation fantasies all year round, except in the monsoon season. A country that makes a person come back again and again so that they can rejuvenate and keep the memories of this beautiful and beautiful country.

Spectacular waterfall:

It's essentially a lake and its catchment area, with mounds of grass extending into the forest on one side and ending at the cliff on the other. This large area of ​​land has a small stream that rises from and flows through the lake.

The waterfalls falls and the gorge The section of the steep hill that gives access to the waterfall area is along the ridge and there can be many pavilions along this to enjoy the rain, wind and views of the endless landscapes of the hills. There can also be drama stages. with the mountainous landscape in the background.

The stream flows through the gorge and can be expanded as a trekking path as it is a rugged route with rocks and abrupt waves, a small facility like a cafeteria and the like would add to the wealth of the place with more participation. There would be enough water upstream even during the dry season. A stepped path that leads to the waterfall itself is interesting.

Steep rocky hill

The steep section of the rocky hill has an almost mountainous character, the cliff and canyon topography area is ideal for adventure activities that attract people who like to slide, rope climb, jump and the like. You can also see pavilions, like guided tours in the vertical hill surface that would attract people to stay inside. This can be carved out of the rock and would make for an adventurous stay.

Lust green forests

About 100 hectares of forest could be developed into a comprehensive health center with Ayurveda as a theme. Providing treatments, health facilities, rejuvenation centers, yoga and meditation centers, naturopathic clinics, herb gardens, etc. that emphasize the theme of living with nature and explore the age-old way of life. Tree walks, medicine preparation areas, etc., all designed with an ashram character.

Grassy planes Features:

  • Eucalyptus plantation

  • Road side slope

  • Grassy hills

  • School hill

  • Cliff side

The area is quite dreary compared to other parts of the site, with grassy plains and gently rolling hills, has direct access from the road and leads down to the cliff from there. Today there are plantations with eucalyptus, tea and some agricultural crops.

This part of the plot can be reserved for boarding school or similar institutional use. The relative evenness of the terrain and the slight slope are ideal for this. The property is basically also buildable.

The area near the main road could be reserved for the use of future commercial potential, this long strip can be opened up for future utilities and facilities with commercial viability, the value of the property will also increase with the development of the site and development for land with increased accessibility.

Best for camping

A unique space with streams, rocky terrain and forests that can be converted into a campsite, a small lake and a special place to stay for afternoon tea and the like.

Lake site

The entertainment center and related activities such as boating, walking, etc. could be arranged around the lake. Grassy hills and flowers growing along the ground can be provided as part of the landscape. This has to be developed with minimal structural intervention. The place (junction) must be developed to convey the essence of this place to a passer-by along the public road, as this part is visible from the road like a lake between three hills, a stage for shows, handicrafts, art center, pedestrian path, etc. can concentrate around this node.

Wild Orchid

The area is a range of hills with green meadows. A unique cottage complex built in the rough village style and environmentally friendly in all aspects, especially with regard to water abstraction, resource conservation, use of building materials and construction techniques. 50 huts rise on one side of a beautiful lake and communal facilities such as a restaurant, theatre, etc. on the other side of the lake.

Stay tuned for my next article on hotels and homestays in Vagamon.

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