Bread Gulab Jamun

As the name suggests, these smooth and delicious gulab jamuns are made from bread. These gulab jamuns taste like soft bread pudding.

The best Gulab jamuns are made with khoya, but if you don’t have khoya or mawa, bread and other substitutes are really helpful. Offcourse it is unfair to compare this recipe with traditional Gulab jamun when it comes to taste. They taste more like soft, sweet bread pudding.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 15


For grinding bread:

10 slices of bread / 1.5 cup bread crumbs;

5 green cardamom.

For Sugar Syrup:

200 gms Sugar;

250 ml Water;

2 tbsp. Rose water.

Other ingredients:

10 tbsp. Milk for binding;

Oil - as required for deep frying;

20 pistachios (optional).

How to prepare?

Making Gulab jamun dough:

  • Take bread slices and break them. Add it in a grinder.

  • Add cardamom seeds. Grind it to a fine texture.

  • Take the grounded bread in a mixing bowl.

  • Add milk in parts. Mix it to bring together. Add milk as required.

  • Bring the whole mixture together so it binds well. Do not knead. Cover it and set it aside. Remember if you knead the gulab jamuns would become hard.

  • Pinch small or medium sized balls from dough. Flatten them gently.

  • Place chopped pistachios in center. You can also add almonds or cashew depending on your choice. If you do not wish to stuff you can skip this step.

  • Bring the edges together and seal them at center.

  • Roll it gently to neat a ball. Repeat the process for entire mixture. Cover and set it aside. Do not apply pressure while making dough.

Making sugar syrup:

  • In a pan add sugar and water on a low flame. Stir it well so that all sugar melts.

  • On a medium to low flame cook the sugar syrup. Keep stirring occasionally.

  • Cook it till you get half string consistency. The syrup should be sticky. If the syrup is watery the bread jamuns would break.

  • Switch off the flame and add rose water. Mix it well and set aside.

  • To prevent it from crystallisation you can add few lemon drops. If it crystallises later, add little water and heat it again. Do not boil.

Frying Bread Jamun:

  • In a deep frying pan, add oil. Add tiny piece of dough to check the temperature. If the dough comes up steadily, the oil is ready.

  • Lower the flame and gently place the doughs. Do not overcrowd the pan.

  • Keep on turning and rotating when they become pale golden. Keep frying till they turn golden.

  • Remove it with spoon and place them on kitchen towel.

  • Add bread jamuns in sugar syrup. Make sure syrup is warm or hot.

  • Serve them with some sliced pistachios or almonds.


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