Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha
My Tasty Curry - Amritsari Kulcha

Recipe Info:

Amritsari Kulcha is a Punjabi meal which is normally served with dal or chole. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also known as Amristari naan.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


To make dough:

2 cups Maida/ White kulcha;

1 tsp. Sugar;

1 tsp. Baking soda;

1/4 tsp. Salt;

1/4 fresh Yogurt;

2 tbsp. Ghee;

1 cup Warm milk.

For stuffing:

1 cup Boiled potatoes;

1 chopped Onion;

Coriander leaves;

Mint leaves

1 tsp. Ginger grated;

1 tsp. Green Chillies;

Salt as per taste;

1 tsp. Red Chilli powder;

1 tsp Chat Masala;

1 tsp crushed Coriander;

1/2 tsp Carom seeds;

1/4 tsp. Cumin powder.

How to cook?

Make dough:

  • Take a bowl and add while flour. Add sugar, baking soda, and salt.

  • Add yogurt, ghee and mix it well.

  • To make a dough add warm milk and gently make a dough. Knead it well with your hands for at-least 10 minutes or till dough is soft and smooth. Make sure it does not stick to your hands.

  • Cover it with moist cloth and let it rest for about an hour or 45 minutes.

  • Now take out the dough, remove moist cloth and slightly knead it to remove any air present in it.

  • To make naan place the dough on a flat desk. Knead the dough and make circle.

  • Apply ghee on both the sides and fold it.

  • Repeat the process 3-4 times so that the ghee spreads in the layers.

  • Place the dough on a plate in such a way that it can easily be cut the dough pieces with a knife.

  • Take one piece of dough in hand and pinch the sides of dough and make a round ball.

  • Repeat the same process for all dough.

  • Cover the round dough pieces with moist cloth for about 15 minutes.

Make Stuffings:

  • Take a bowl and add 1 cup boiled potato. Mash it.

  • Add chopped onion, coriander and mint leaves and grated Ginger.

  • Now add 1 tsp. Green chillies, salt, red chilli powder, chaat masala and cumin powder in a bowl.

  • Mix all the ingredients with hands or spoon and keep it aside.

Amritsari Kulcha:

  • Add potato fillings in the dough. Flatten it with hand by using ghee applied to your hands.

  • After it is flattened spread some coriander and ajwain and stick on it.

  • Sprinkle little water on one side so the it sticks on tawa. Carefully place naan on tawa with water side placed down.

  • After couple of minutes hold the tawa upside down and keep it on medium flame.

  • When its cooked take out the naan with the help of spatula.

  • Apply ghee on naan and serve it with Chole or green chutney.


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