8 places considered safe for solo female travellers

Traveling alone is a journey of self-discovery; it allows you to explore your likes and dislikes, limitations and conveniences. Traveling alone is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, Indian women refrain from travelling alone due to safety reasons. Those who show courage often face rules and restrictions imposed by their families. This article has put together beautiful and safe destinations for solo women travellers.


This charming centre of Karnataka is a very popular tourist destination. Mysore receives thousands of tourists every year. Thanks to friendly locals, well-developed roads and transportation system, this place is very safe for female tourists. The palace, Chamundi Hills, government building, Rangacharlu, Jubilee Clock, Shri Chamundeswari Temple and Railway Museum are some popular attractions. Every neighborhood in Mysore is very lively, so even a simple stroll in the local market is a rewarding experience.


Munnar is located in Kerala, a paradise full of green and tranquillity. Munnar is mainly known for its tea plantations, but this destination can discover your adventurous side. Various camping, climbing and other adventure activities can be carried out near Munnar. The locals here are friendly and honest, and we believe you will cherish every moment of your stay in Munnar.


The rugged terrain, magnificent scenery, unshakable locals, adventurous hiking, especially Pangong Lake, make Ladakh an absolute favorite of tourists. Here, women can travel and explore as freely as men because the locals will not disturb tourists at all. There are no hawkers on the street who deceive people not from the hills. Some of the most popular places in Ladakh are Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace and Nubra Valley.


A popular holiday destination in India is also very safe for women. Although there have been several notorious incidents in Goa in the past, if you follow the basic rules of vigilance, awareness and responsibility, Goa will not harm you in any way. Very friendly, you should try to find accommodation near Baga or Calangute beaches, as most tourists live in these places, which makes them more crowded and safer.


Shimla is the former summer capital of the British Empire. It has always been well-organized and well-equipped, so it is very safe for women. Shimla’s popular attractions are crowded all year round, so locals are used to seeing large numbers of tourists. The city has many safe places to stay, especially for women. The Governor’s Palace Castle, City Hall, Jaku Temple, Joy Museum, Christ Church, National Museum, Kalibari Temple, Himalayan Bird Park and Cuffrey are some places worth visiting.


How can a holy place like Varanasi be unsafe for women traveling alone? This temple city is famous for the many ghats built along the sacred Ganges River. Varanasi is a very friendly place, people are always ready to help and often do their best to help strangers in need. The city flourishes due to tourism, so it is considered a very safe place for travellers to immerse themselves in Hindu culture.


Khajuraho is the hometown of temples. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho is a fascinating combination of worship, art, aesthetics and culture. Very safe for women; solo travellers should not be fooled by the price of the tour guide.


Coffee and spice plantations, wonderful views and hospitable locals make Coorg an ideal destination for solo women travellers.

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