15 top motorcycle quest in India for a every bikers Bucket List

Traveling to India is not just about staying in different destinations and sightseeing. Many experiences are added to it. Today's generation has defined travel in a very different way, very different from our ancestors. Unlike the fun-seeking maniacs, there are those modern day wanderers who seek adventure and thrill just for unique experiences. In our part of the world, today's travelers don't limit themselves to local transportation to explore destinations. Now they also travel by bikes!

Whether it's giant Himalayan ranges or long coastlines, bikers are thrilled to ride the most beautiful roads in the country. So, for all the bikers in the country, we've compiled a list of the 15 best bike trips, take a look.

Manali to Leh

Total distance: 473 kilometres

Route: Manali – Sissu – Raling -Keylong – Jispa – Sarchu – Leh

Travel time: 2 days

Riding from Manali to Leh is a safe adventure. During this road trip you will see the true beauty of the Himalayas. Traveling 473 kilometers above sea level (over 3000-4000 meters) can definitely give you goosebumps. Rohtang La and Khardung La are some of the passes on these routes which are sure to be an adventure for any biker enthusiast.

The motorcycle tour from Manali to Leh will charm you with its magnificent landscapes, magnificent valleys and picturesque mountains. Of the total journey of 473 kilometers, approximately 150 kilometers is a dirt road trip that will test your bike riding skills. Have a overnight stopover in Sarchu, Jispa or Keylong. It usually takes 2 days to fully enjoy this trip and July to September are the best months to drive here.

Manali to Spiti Valley

Total distance: 196 kilometres

Route: Manali – Chhatru – Batal – Pangmo – Spiti Valley

Travel time: 5 hours

The road trip from Manali to Spiti Valley is another breath-taking expedition. What is sure to attract you here are the beautiful mountain ranges and valleys. The distance to be covered is not great but the terrain is quite difficult. You will have to travel a total distance of 196 kilometers and the route will take you through Chhatru, Batal and Pangmo.

About 20 km from the Spiti valley is the village of Hikkim, where you can see the "tallest post office in the world", built at an altitude of 4440 meters. During your road trip, you can also choose to stop at Chander Taal and enjoy luxury camping, stargazing and bonfire.

Shimla to Manali

Total distance: 249 kilometres

Route: Shimla – Mandi – Kullu – Manali

Travel time: 8-9 hours

Shimla and Manali are the most popular tourist destinations in India. And taking a road trip from Shimla to Manali can make your trip more enjoyable. The road through Mandi and Kullu adds more adventure and excitement to this trip. Riding along the River Beas can be a mind-blowing experience for any biker.

During the trip, you will come across various scenic views, snow-capped mountains and forests of Deodar. The distance between Shimla and Manali is 249 kilometers and a motorcyclist usually travels it in one day. From Manali, you can also go to Rohtang Pass (the distance is 50 km from Manali) which is 3978 meters above sea level.

Guwahati to Tawang

Total distance: 509 kilometres

Route: Guwahati – Bhalukpong – Dirang – Tawang

Travel time: 10-11 hours

If you want to take a scenic drive through the eastern lands of India, then the road trip from Guwahati to Tawang may be the right choice for you. The entire road trip is 509 kilometers long and it takes 1011 hours to cover this distance. Departing from Guwahati, located in the state of Assam, the journey extends to Tawang, located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

During this road trip, you will also pass through the villages of Bhalukpong and Dirang. At Dirang, you can visit the LDL Buddhist Monastery. During the journey, you are exposed to the lush green Himalayas and when in Tawang, you come across the gigantic Himalayan mountain ranges covered with snow. On your trip to Tawang, you shall also pass the famous Sela Pass which is located at an altitude of 4170 meters.

Kolkata to Digha

Total distance: 184 kilometres

Route: Kolkata – Bagnan – Nandkumar – Contai – Digha

Travel time: 3-4 hours

Another fascinating tour in the eastern part of India is the road trip from Kolkata to Digha. It is a 184 kilometer journey that includes routes such as Bagnan, Nandkumar and Contai. It usually takes 34 hours to cover this road trip you would come across various scenic spots and plenty of restaurants with delicious food including traditional seafood, and once you are in Digha be sure to spend time with your loved ones on the beach.

Delhi to Agra via Mathura through Yamuna expressway

Total distance: 238 kilometres

Route: Delhi – Noida – Mathura – Agra

Travel time: 5 hours

Going from the capital of India, Delhi, to one of the "Seven Wonders of the World", the Taj Mahal, is another enjoyable tour for bikers. Vrooming on the Yamuna Freeway can certainly add more adventure to this trip, but make sure you don't break the speed limits as it is a freeway and taking risks could cause problems. The Yamuna Highway departs from Noida and the total journey distance is 238 kilometers. Riding through the sacred city of Mathura can be a phenomenal experience for a traveler and once you get here don't forget to taste the popular sweet Peda.

Delhi to Ranathambore via Jaipur

Total distance: 436 kilometres

Route: Delhi – Gurugram – Jaipur – Sawai Madhopur (Ranthambore)

Travel time: 9 hours

The Delhi-Jaipur-Ranthambore road trip is 436 kilometers long and typically takes 9 hours to cover the distance. We also recommend spending some time in the Pink City of Jaipur to make the most of the trip. During your journey you will pass the picturesque hills of Aravalli and along the way you will find plenty of Rajasthani Dhabas to satisfy your taste buds.

In Jaipur, you should visit the famous Amber Fort and head to the Walled City (Old Jaipur) to experience the culture of Rajasthan. On the way to Sawai Madhopur, you will pass fields of yellow mustard. The town of Sawai Madhopur is located with the Ranthambore National Park and therefore, to go on a tiger safari, you will need to stop your motorcycle ride and hire an open gypsy at the national park ticket office.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Total distance: 558 kilometres

Route: Jaipur – Makrana – Kuchaman – Nagaur – Phalodi – Jaisalmer

Travel time: 10-11 hours

Another on our list of bike tours is a road trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. If you are one of those crazy motorcyclists who love to ride in the desert, go on an exciting road trip from Pinkcity, Jaipur to the golden city, Jaisalmer. The road trip is 558 kilometers long and takes 10-11 hours to cover the distance. Routes include Jaipur, Makrana, Kuchaman, Nagaur, Phalodi and Jaisalmer.

The best time to tour Jaipur to Jaisalmer is between October and February. During the trip you will come across beautiful forts and ancient architectural structures and offcourse many traditional Rajasthani restaurants to drop by to satisfy your hunger.

Ahmedabad to Mount Abu

Total distance- 237 kilometres

Route - Ahmedabad – Kalol – Mehsana – Palanpur – Mount Abu

Travel time - 5 hours

Going from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu is as enjoyable as the rides mentioned above. It usually takes 5 hours to cover the distance of 237 kilometers, visiting towns such as Kalol, Mehsana and Palanpur by motorbike. As a biker, you will be exposed to the culture of two states: Gujarat and Rajasthan. What's even more interesting are the delicious cuisines offered in traditional Dhabas. Speed ​​up your motorbike to Lake Nakki and discover the serenity of the place. You can also visit the famous Dilwara Jain temples. November to February is the best time for this excursion.

Mumbai to Goa

Total distance: 587 kilometres

Route: Mumbai – Pune – Satara – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Goa

Travel time: 10-11 hours

The road trip from Mumbai to Goa is the most recommended for the winter season. Between December and February, you will be surprised to see the beauty influenced by Christmas and the New Year. It's a long journey of 587 kilometers and it takes about 11 hours to cover the entire distance. The route also includes beautiful destinations such as Lonavala and Satara. The trip from Mumbai to Goa has many views. During the tour you will find plenty of cafes and restaurants to satisfy your hunger. The NH 17 motorway is smooth enough for you to drive effortlessly.

Bengaluru to Ooty via Mysore

Total distance: 278 kilometres

Route: Bengaluru – Ramanagara – Mysuru – Ooty

Travel time: 6-7 hours

The trip from Bengaluru to Ooty is quite pleasant and full of panoramic views. It takes 6 to 7 hours to travel the 278 kilometers of road, passing through towns such as Ramnagara and Mysuru. If you are interested in history, visit Mysore Palace.

Although the road trip from Bengaluru to Ooty can be enjoyed all year round, but the most recommended season to enjoy this road trip is between August and October. As you approach Ooty the Nilgiri ghats are worth a visit and from Ooty you can also extend your trip to Bandipur Forest to see the pristine beauty and greenery of nature. Spend time camping here or you can also go on an elephant or jeep safari.

Bengaluru to Goa

Total distance: 556 kilometres

Route: Bengaluru – Tumakuru – Davanagere – Hubballi – Goa

Travel time: 10-11 hours

For any avid biker, having a ride from Bengaluru to Goa can be an enjoyable trip. To give you the best motorcycle experience, this 556 kilometer route features excellent roads. It typically takes 10-11 hours of sailing through the towns of Tumakuru, Davanagere and Hubballi to complete this road trip. The beautiful scenery will catch your eye and the local restaurants on the trip will keep your stomach full. The best time to do this tour is between December and February.

Vishhapatnam to Araku Valley

Total distance: 114 kilometres

Route: Visakhapatnam – Kothavalasa – Srangavarapu Kota – Araku

Travel time: 3 hours

If you are looking for a road trip in the south of the country, driving from Visakhapatnam to the Araku Valley may be a once in a lifetime experience for you. 114 km crossing Kothavalasa and Srangavarapu Kota. Along the way, you can also visit Tatipudi Reservoir, Galikonda Viewpoint, and Borra Caves. As you travel to the terrestrial region, you will also see coffee plantations. The Visakhapatnam road trip in the Araku valley runs from October to March.

Chennai to Puducherry

Total distance: 153 kilometres

Route: Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Mandavai – Puducherry

Travel time: 3-4 hours

I would say this is one of the best bike trips in India - a road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry. It connects the Indian metropolitan city of Chennai with Paris of the east a.k.a. Pondicherry. The best part is you are riding along the seafront on East Coast Road which takes around 34 hours to cover a 153 mile stretch. Early in the morning the route looks simply beautiful with the sunlight reflecting on the shores.

Before reaching Pondicherry, the route takes you through Mahabalipuram (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kalapakkam (famous for the nuclear power plant), Pudupattinam, Alamparai fort and many other scenic places. When you Pondicherry, don't forget to have a coffee in the cafes overlooking the sea.

Chennai to Munnar

Total distance: 278 kilometres

Route: Chennai – Neyveli – Tiruchirappalli – Dindigul – Munnar

Travel time: 12 hours

The road trip from Chennai to Munnar is also a good option for riders in the south. It is a 278 kilometer circuit and takes 1112 hours to complete this trip. This trip is a perfect amalgamation of lakes, forests, waterfalls and picturesque valleys. On this road trip, riders can take rest in Trichy, Dindigul, Theni and Bodi. You will be surprised by the abundance of wonderful photo spots.

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