10 travelling tips for differently abled person

Different from the past, the differently abled people are now recognized and are less discriminated. Many countries have laws protecting them to make their lives easier. Many public buildings have also been designed or renovated which can meet their needs. With all these improvements, people with disabilities can now travel far away from home for vacation or work. But despite all these improvements we have made, travel for people with disabilities is still a challenge especially when they are traveling alone or at unknown destinations. This article will help guide people with all forms of disabilities travel safely.

1) Plan your travel in advance:

Planning is the key to any success. This is very important because it reduces the chance any inconvenience while travelling. However, when staying with friends or family, booking air tickets and hotel rooms must be a top priority. It’s very important to inform them in advance so that they can be prepared and even pick you up at the airport.

2) Look for differently abled friendly hotels:

Hotels with differently abled structures are very suitable because they allow differently abled people to move freely with minimal effort. Unlike some hotels that have these problems, most of these hotels have also developed special emergency protocols to ensure that differently abled people are not left behind in emergency situations.

3) Find a travel agent who offers travel packages for differently abled:

It is beneficial to book flights and hotel rooms with travel agencies that provide travel solutions for people with disabilities. They make sure that they book airlines and hotels which are suitable for them thus ensuring that they travel comfortably.

4) Know and understand your rights at the airport:

Travelling for differently abled people especially when they arrive at the airport becomes very hectic. They face challenges like getting the right information and directions, which is difficult due to the large queues of people travelling. There are number of attendants whom you can take help of for getting necessary information while travelling.

Passengers with disabilities should not and are not be treated differently in terms of safety measures. They too are protected from any sort of discrimination by any airline. Passengers with disabilities are advised to understand that they have the right to avoid and report any form of discrimination during the trip.

5) Pack extra amount of medicines:

Always remember to carry extra dose of medicine with you when you travel. People lose their luggage when they travel, so if a dose is missed, the extra dose can be used as a backup thus ensuring you do not run out of medicine. These medicines must be stored properly to ensure their safety.

6) Carry Doctors note and contact information:

Always carry medical certificate provided by your doctor as it contains important information about the symptoms of the differently abled person is facing, which helps doctors save a lot of time for examinations in emergency situations. Also, get contact information of your doctor which would make other doctors easy to get vital information if the need arises. This small but important message can save lives.

7) Book for direct flights:

differently abled passengers using connecting flights can be very hectic and tiring. Using connecting flights may cause loss of luggage and even injuries when boarding and getting out of the plane. Using direct flights can reduce all these risks and save a lot of time and energy when traveling. Direct flights also ensure that people with disabilities do not have to stay at the airport while waiting for the connecting flight.

8) Get information on do's and don't of the destination you are travelling to:

Nothing is more difficult than finding a direction to an unfamiliar location, and it is even more difficult for differently abled passengers, so it is wise to at least have some knowledge and understanding of the destination. Get to know where to go and where not to go. This comes in handy when you find yourself in a difficult situation or emergency situation and need urgent help.

9) Carry proper luggage:

It is recommended that differently abled passengers carry luggage that they can handle during the journey. It is not easy to travel with a large amount of luggage. Travelling light allows differently abled passengers to travel with ease without having to worry about loss of luggage.

10) Enjoy your travel:

Many people with disabilities do not travel frequently because there are many restrictions that discourage them. However, modern technology can ensure safe travel for everyone, regardless of the situation. Everyone should enjoy traveling because it is an opportunity to experience new things that are different from the past.

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