10 tips for stress free travelling with kids

Even if you travel to the same place year after year, the outlook changes with each age. Childhood, teenage, youth, as a couple, as a family and finally as an elderly person: all phases have their own charm. It can be extremely difficult to travel with young children. Even if you have the most educated kids in the world, it's never easy. But we have a few tips that will make traveling with children stress-free. Gone are those days when the planning for the trip revolved around your little one's routine. Read on and thank us later.

Packing light

Packing wisely is extremely necessary when traveling with children, all worried parents including myself tend to overload their suitcases for short trips. Just make a list of what you might need, including the number of pairs of clothes and socks. For young children and beyond, let them carry their own bags, instead pull their own bags, giving them responsibilities will make them feel important and less irritable!

Travel by plane

For first-time travelers, air travel can be heartbreaking. Always have items with you to engage the child during the flight. If you have a young child, have them suck on candy on take off or landing so their ears don't get stuck. For older children, pack drawing sheets and crayons or activity books for long trips.

Bring a tablet / Engage them in different activities

Kids should be involved at all times, so download apps and games for them to play or videos to watch on board flights.

Keep their favorite snacks close at hand

If the kids can't play, at least pack their snacks in your bag. Chewing on something tasty and healthy is always helpful, especially if you are traveling that requires walking or physical activity. It could also be their favorite drink. Often times when traveling to a new country that particular snack may not be available, in which case be sure to bring a few packages with you and use them when they are unusually naughty or cranky.

Find attractions for children

Choose a destination wisely. Make sure there are kid-friendly attractions nearby. Theme parks for the youngest and museums for the older ones.

Carry a Travel Journal For Older Kids

For older children, have them keep a journal where they can write down what they see, what they liked the most, etc. It will be exciting to read them later at home and the children can also share them at school.

Save birthday gifts and give them away while traveling

Get something new on a trip, make the kids happy and keep them active. This way parents can rest after a hectic day. Because remember, even though it's been a tiring day for you, it might not be so good for your little one, so keep getting them involved in the hotel or hotel. the place where you will stay.

Get Goodies In Flight

Almost all flights will have toys, stickers, drawing sheets, pencils, etc. for kids. It is difficult for the little ones to stay in one place. So these goodies definitely help. Ask for it if you don't have it.

Check what type of vaccination you will need

If you are traveling to a new country, check to see if your children will need any vaccinations. Some countries are prone to malaria and children would need special vaccinations before traveling. Consult your child's doctor when planning.

Lookout for Special hotel offers

Many hotels may have special offers for children. Parents should look for them and book their stays accordingly. There are many hotels which host a summer carnival where children stay for free and also receive free snacks and toys. Parents know how often kids need a snack break, with that in mind many hotels comes up with this new snack idea every day. All families with children will also receive free drawing materials and a surprise toy. .

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