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RECIPES MADE FOR  real, actual and everyday life

Hello Readers! This is the first time I am writing a book and what a way to start by sharing wonderful recipes I came across in my life. Starting with my first book dedicated to my father and mother for showing and teaching me some wonderful Maharashtrian recipes especially Malvani. This book contains some mouth watering Malvani recipes. Do try it out and please do share my book and let the whole world get to taste this wonderful Malvani cuisine.


Aai's Malvani Diary recipes comes straight from my mother's recipe book. These recipes have been made by both, my Father and Mother. Each and every ingredients which they used, in proportion , the use of masalas etc. are mentioned as per the way they used while cooking. I believe any food would taste excellent if cooked with love and Malvani food is no different. Apart from recipe I would like my readers to know the history of Malvani Cuisine. I believe to know a cuisine you should know the roots of it, the history of it, the basic of recipes and cuisines etc. So readers, get ready to dive in the history of Malvan and cook the recipes mentioned in this cook book with love. Surprise your friends and family members with these wonderful recipes.