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Shilpa and Dev
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About us:

Namaste Foodies and Travellers. Welcome to Pinakin's Broadway! My name is Pinakin Sabnis. One man with many roles in life. A foodie, a son, a pet lover, a husband and a father. My name seems to be bit difficult to pronounce, so you can call me Pinu. I work as a full time research analyst in a private firm.

I love blogging and starting Pinakin's Broadway has always been my dream. Being a foodie I love to cook various recipes and share it with friends and family. After all a food tastes good only when shared with a good company. 

The art of cooking food came from my father. He was a wonderful cook. I still remember my college days when I use to come back home to taste the delicious dal fry, mix vegetable gravy and rice. Simply mouth watering! I would call myself lucky as I get to taste Konkani, South Indian and Goan food. My mother is a good cook as well and eating food made by her is heavens! I have learnt a lot of recipes from her as well especially Batata Vada, Prawns curry and Dosa. Now it's time to spread the word. Through this blog I would be sharing the recipes which I have tried and tasted. So I hope you too would enjoy cooking.

Pinakin Sabnis

My Cook Book
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Hello Readers! This is the first time I am writing a book and what a way to start by sharing wonderful recipes I came across in my life.